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Piano tunning

What could be more magical than the sound of a freshly tuned piano? A piano that rings true is a piano that sings harmoniously as a result of the meticulous adjustment of the tension of its two hundred strings. They then vibrate with their neighbors, forming a rich and bewitching sound. A work of listening and patience …

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Servicing a piano

Your piano is a formidable machine with several hundred mechanical adjustment points which, when perfectly tunned, allow the pianist to have full control of its instrument. What could be more musical than a piano that responds to all the subtleties, to the slightest changes in articulation or in volume from the performer?

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Piano Repairs

Like any good machine, over time wear and tear gets involved and your loyal friend needs urgent care. From a misaligned or misaligned part to a larger breakage, a technician can perform several kinds of repair on site. Annual tunning is generally the time to let me know about any other little issues you have observed with your musical instrument.

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Music has always been an integral part of my life. At the age of nine, I began my piano lessons and then, at the same time, I became a chorister with Les Petits chanteurs de Laval, where I sang for 9 years. Then I sang in different adult choirs and conducted choirs my self.

Along with all of this, I developed a love for science. Promising myself first to a mechanical engineer career, I continued my studies in natural sciences and then the love of music made me want to do a second college education in classical piano.

Finally at crossroad,I found a career at middle point from artistic and scientific world. The curiosity I had every time the piano tuner came to my house led me to sign up to an university program related to piano tunning. I was fascinated by how my musical instrument worked.

Whenever the tuner came home, I spent all my time watching him work and questioning him. He even agreed to let me give a few notes myself so that I would have an idea of ​​how to do it.

At the time, not really having a complete training available in Quebec, I went to the University of Western Ontario in 2007 for the intensive training: Certificate in Piano Technology. It was in June 2008, with my diploma in hand, that I began to practice the profession in addition to teaching the piano. Two years later, I regrouped my activities under the name of Pianiste Québec.

For over a decade now, I have taken care of pianos for pianists of all ages and levels. So, is it your turn?

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